Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Description of the Car, Part One

This car has a completely new interior. The doors, rear sides and seats are black vinyl. The black vinyl hat shelf is the original black diamond pattern. The wood has been refinished in high-gloss instead of the original matte finish. The effect is very dramatic. A return to the matte finish would be relatively easy if you wished to. The white headliner and charcoal carpets are new.

The radio is the original Blaupunkt AM converted to an AM-FM stereo with ipod connection. The dash speaker is new along with two rear speakers located in the front bulkhead below the back seat. The speakers are protected by black metal grills.

The exterior color is wine red. It was resprayed in the early 1990s. The paint is not of the highest quality, but from a few feet away it looks wonderful. This car, with its red color and clean, elegant lines, is a real attention grabber. I hear comments from other drivers and pedestrians whenever I drive it.

There is no evidence of rust. The only evidence of an accident is a repair to the nose of the car just ahead of the roundel on the hood. The rubber moldings are half original and half new.

The brightwork is original and complete, including the aluminum rings for the wheels.

The engine has been rebuilt and now has dual Weber carbs. It has excellent compression and runs strong and smooth.

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