Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Description of the Car, Part Two

I purchased the car in the spring of 2005 from Peter Sliskovich, aka “the Coupe King,” a well-known Southern California BMW coupe collector/restorer/parts seller. Peter is a doctor whose hobby is BMWs and he has partnered with Carl Nelson of LaJolla Independent on projects. Peter did the interior, the engine rebuild, and installed many new suspension and steering parts. The car was in Peter’s collection for many years before he sold it to me.

When I bought the car I had it shipped to Don Dethlefsen at the Werk Shop to have a proper comprehensive body and mechanical examination. Don did a number of things to put the car in proper running order. After I drove the car home to Minnesota, I continued to sort out and fix any mechanical issues, i.e. cleaned and repaired the radiator, rebuilt wiper motor, new heater control valve, new electric fuel pump and fuel line. I’ve spent about $8,000 on the car since I bought it. The car is stored winters at Classic Auto Storage, a heated dry car storage facility in Minneapolis.

The summer before last, I drove the car to Colorado for the 2005 Holiday Tour. This car accompanied about a dozen other classic BMWs over five mountain passes, putting about 3,500 miles on the car in all types of weather and conditions. It ran perfectly. The car may be seen in some of the Colorado Holiday Tour photos on the BMW Vintage & Classic Car Club of America web site.

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